Spirit of Bermuda is looking for a few willing deckhands

The Bermuda Sloop Foundation is seeking deckhands to crew the Spirit of Bermuda in a race to the island from Massachusetts.

In June the sloop will be taking part in the Marion Bermuda race, which is open to amateur sailors only.

The foundation wants to recruit two crew teams. The first, consisting of younger sailors, will take the Spirit of Bermuda on a 645-mile training voyage to Marion, Massachusetts, at the beginning of June. While on board, novices will develop seamanship and navigation skills, and gain sea time and tall-ship experience.

A second team of more experienced seafarers will then bring Spirit back to Bermuda a week later, when the race proper gets under way.

Although normally held every two years, the race was cancelled in 2021 because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Robin Hamill, the chief executive officer of the Bermuda Sloop Foundation, said: “We are pleased to offer the voyage to Marion, Massachusetts, to younger sailors who want to improve their maritime skills and gain more sailing experience.

“We always hold a few berths specifically for these sail-training voyages. It’s part of our overall goal to provide challenging and meaningful experiences, and cultivate important skills such as grit, resilience, optimism and self-regulation. There are bursaries available based on need, so anyone can apply.

“We also know there are many amateur sailors who would love to participate in a transatlantic race, so local seafarers are invited to crew the Spirit for the journey to Bermuda. The experience of sailing on the Spirit will enhance anyone’s life, young or old.

“We have the capacity to take on both developing and experienced sailors for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

The Spirit will be setting sail for Marion on June 8. The cost of taking part in the outbound voyage is $1,000 per person. Bursaries are available for student crew, but participants are responsible for their travel back to Bermuda.

The race back to Bermuda takes place on June 16 and costs $3,000 per person. Transport to Marion is not provided.

All proceeds from the fee will benefit shipyard repairs to the Spirit of Bermuda.

To book a berth on either leg of the trip, e-mail info@bermudasloop.org

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