Video: Interview With Spirit Of Bermuda Crew

The Spirit of Bermuda successfully completed the 2022 Newport Bermuda Race, crossing the finish line in the east end at 10.35am Bermuda time on Tuesday [June 21], after making the 635 nautical mile journey from Rhode Island.

Speaking after the arrival, Bermuda Sloop Foundation CEO Robin Hamill told Bernews, “We’re thrilled to be back in Bermuda. The Spirit’s been overseas in Newport for the start of the Newport Bermuda Race.

“Now having finished the race — and Alex will give you an update on that in just a moment — I just want to thank everyone who supports this amazing program that we do with 13 year olds here in Bermuda.

“We strive to get every 13 year old students in Bermuda out on Spirit for a week during the school year, using the ship as a metaphor for life, and we’re just eternally grateful to the donors and supporters that help us out.”

Captain Alex Peacock said, “We had a great race. I know it was a little rougher, the smaller boats at first, but a nice sport starty with Columbia just ahead of us on the line.

“Unfortunately we had a little bit of gear failure, which we corrected about 24 hours later. So we lost a little bit of speed with that, and then things went pretty light for us.

“Not ideal for Spirit, but we still had a great race. Our navigator called the current perfectly and all of our lay lines, so we were quite happy with the results and our time 92 hours and change.

Alan Burland, one of the founders of the Bermuda Sloop Foundation, noted, “We’ve been in service now for just over 15 years and hugely proud to say we’ve had 7,000 students go through our programs.

“We’ve seen about 30 of those students go on to pursue careers in the maritime field. The education that we teach on board is experiential education, so they learn by doing and it’s really about youth development.”