Summer Follow-up Voyages

Local and overseas voyages are available during the summer months providing follow-up opportunities for students to engage in additional programming and more in-depth mentoring. Follow-up voyages are designed to blend two categories of students: (a) those who consistently displayed positive behaviors and attitudes, and (b) those students deemed at-risk. The objective is to blend students so that those exhibiting positive behaviors can positively influence those more “at risk.” After each initial middle school voyage, the Spirit of Bermuda crew work together with teachers to assess students and identify individuals who could benefit from the additional exposure and are mixed gender voyages available to youth over the age of 14. 

Summer Follow-Up Voyages are enhanced experiences that involve a watch system to accommodate overnight sailing, increased ship responsibility and a greater sense of resilience. Past voyages include trips to Jamestown, VA, Tall Ships Festivals in different U.S. locations, Canadian Maritimes, Azores, and service projects to Dominican Republic and Haiti. The educational component of each trip is determined by the purpose and objective of the voyage. 

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