Middle School Programmes

Considered a Rite of Passage, Spirit of Bermuda's middle school programme has been described as “One of the most engaging and beneficial programmes available to adolescents, which every Bermudian youth should do”. The Bermuda Sloop Foundation (BSF) is entering its 15t... Read more

Summer Follow-up Voyages

Local and overseas voyages are available during the summer months providing follow-up opportunities for students to engage in additional challenges designed to extend their skill set and develop greater resilience. These are either (coastal) week-long or overseas (1-3 weeks) pro... Read more

Youth Development Races

Our involvement in races such as Newport to Bermuda, Marion to Bermuda and The Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, has presented us with the opportunity to reserve a small number of berths for watch leaders or other mariners in training. This opportunity allows one to experience the ... Read more

Inter-agency and Partnership Programmes

Bermuda Sloop Foundation is a member of the Inter Agency Committee for Children, Families, and the Community along with The Family Centre and approximately 12 other organisations who are dealing with children. We are also pleased to have an excellent collaborative relationship w... Read more

Professional Development for Teachers

The Bermuda Sloop Foundation also provides professional development opportunities for middle school teachers who volunteer to join the voyages in support of student learning. Teachers are developed through assessment-based tasks and dialogue, facilitated by our Programme Officer... Read more