2023 Marion Bermuda Race

Tuesday June 6, 2023

Spirit of Bermuda will be competing in the 23rd Marion to Bermuda Race. Hosted in Bermuda by the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club, the Marion Bermuda Race is a fully Corinthian event, with no professional yacht or crew entries. The Race is built upon the competitive spirit and good fellowship of Corinthian sailing. It offers the unique opportunity to enjoy the camaraderie that develops from an offshore passage while testing one’s ability to reach the highest levels of teamwork racing a well-founded yacht. The Race believes this teamwork begins with the youth who represent the future of sailing and racing. 

There are opportunities for young sailors to sail the Spirit to Marion, Massachusetts prior to the race start, departing Bermuda on 8 June. They will gain seamanship skills, sea time, navigation skills, and tall ship experience. Contact our Education & Programmes Manager, Lauren Yelle-Simmons at lauren.yellesimmons@bermudasloop.org for more information. Bursaries are available.

More experienced sailors have the opportunity to crew the Spirit in the Marion Bermuda race starting on 16 June, 2023. Sailors can email info@bermudasloop.org to book their spots on the Spirit for the Marion Bermuda race. Cost is $3,000 per person and meals are included (does not include travel to Marion, Ma.) All proceeds from the fee will benefit shipyard repairs to the Spirit of Bermuda.