Ahoy, me hearties! Hostages take the plunge off the pirate’s plank to raise money for charity

The pirates anchored in Hamilton harbour did not even take mercy on the Right Reverend Nick Dill, the Anglican Bishop of Bermuda, as he was forced to walk the plank and plunge into the choppy waters below.

But the man of God took his punishment with aplomb, dressed as Moses, sporting a flowing black wig and handy staff.

Once in the pull of the current, crowds on the harbour-side shouted for him to try and part the waters, which he valiantly attempted with his trusted staff.

Families turned out on the waterside to witness the cut-throat spectacle as online donations had decided which of the participating “hostages” would be saved and which would meet a watery fate.

People giving money online were asked to choose whether they wanted the contestants taking part rescued, or forced overboard in the Pirates of Bermuda Walk the Plank extravaganza.

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Whichever option received the most donations sealed the person’s fate.

However, seemingly everybody ended up in the drink whether the pirates were supposed to save them or not.

Senator Lindsay Simmons got carried away with the drama of it all and without waiting for the pirates to do the dirty work, pushed fellow member of the Upper House Arianna Hodgson into the water, before following her overboard.

Among other “hostages” taking part were Charles Jeffers II, head of the Bermuda Tourism Authority, and Jache Adams, the PLP MP.

The three-hour event today saw all proceeds go to the Bermuda Sloop Foundation education and character development programme on Spirit of Bermuda.