Spirit Of Bermuda Holds Award Ceremony

Local students have received awards after completing experiential learning programmes on board the Spirit of Bermuda, and  Adam Zuill was awarded the Bermuda Sloop Foundation’s [BSF] prestigious Adam Goodwin Scholarship.

“It’s been a challenging year, which required modifying programmes from overnight week-long voyages to day expeditions over the course of a week due to the Covid pandemic,” said Robin Hamill, CEO of the Bermuda Sloop Foundation.

“But Spirit still welcomed 242 students from five schools and our amazing crew adapted brilliantly to the situation.”

A spokesperson said, “Students from Clearwater, Dellwood and Sandys Secondary Middle Schools, as well as Mount St. Agnes and Saltus participated in the modified day expeditions.

“All students who participated successfully received a Certificate of Accomplishment. Those students chosen for awards exemplified certain additional qualities that stood out for the crew in terms of leadership, initiative, skills development and other character attributes.

“Due to Covid regulations and group size restrictions the traditional awards ceremony could not take place. However, the BSF expressed its appreciation to crew member James Doughty who shot and produced a video to formally record the 2021 awards. The video will be made available to schools and the public this week via the BSF’’s social media channels [Facebook, Instagram] and on YouTube.

“The Adam Goodwin Mariner/Mentor Scholarship for 2021 was awarded to Adam Zuill. The Scholarship is awarded annually to individuals who aspire to qualify for careers in the marine industry. Recipients typically have been Watch Leaders on board the Spirit, after having completed sail training, international voyages and learning programmes on board the ship.”

“We’re very proud to present this Scholarship to Adam. He’s confirmed he will give back to the community and inspire others to look at maritime careers,” said Mr. David Goodwin, BSF Board Chairman.

“We’re equally proud of what our previous seven recipients have accomplished here and overseas in their education and careers since the Scholarship was established in 2011,” he added.

Previous recipients are Kristen Greene [2011], Mario Swainson [2012], Denzell Todd [2013], Daniel E. Brangman [2014], Elijah Simmons [2015], Dkembe Dill [2018], and Lamar Samuels [2020].

“Spirit’s on board experiential learning assigns students to be trainee crew, not passengers, and our participants this year have done really well,” Mr Hamill explained.

“Students learn to successfully sail, navigate, connect with Bermuda’s environment and develop essential successful life skills, which we’ve seen has a longer-term impact and influence on students’ lives.”

In partnership with the Waterstart programme, students also learned snorkelling skills and data collection coupled with island ecology and woodland restoration.

“We’re very grateful to Waterstart and our other key partners this year, BUEI and the National Museum. We’re also proud to have provided a day sail training experience for a cohort of the Mirrors programme. We’ll be continuing to offer these impactful and fun experiences for Bermuda’s young people on board Spirit in our upcoming summer camps.”

“Our sincere appreciation and thanks also to our wonderful team who have worked so hard to maintain these meaningful experiences for Bermuda’s youth and keep the programmes running: Lauren Yelle-Simmons, Education & Programmes Manager, Jamila Hanley, Programme Officer, Watch Leaders Bob Douche and Jah-Che Cooper, First Officer Gabe St. Denis, and Captain Alex Peacock.”

Spirit of Bermuda Awards 2021 Awardees by School

Dellwood Middle School

  • Kemoni Clarke – Most Improved
  • Preston Ephraim – III Ace of Initiative
  • D’Mori Harvey – Leadership
  • Mickel Ingham – Most Improved
  • Zakai Minors – Skills Development
  • Sivaja Perinchief – Situational Awareness
  • Alexxis Smith – Ace of Initiative
  • Makaylie Smith – Leadership
  • MyaSmith – Determination
  • Zaeuhn Symonds – Ace of Initiative
  • Ny’Asia White – Ace of Initiative
  • Azari Woods – Determination

Sandys Secondary Middle School

  • Tejah Bean – Leadership
  • Tange Bean – Determination
  • Ashley De Silva – Perseverance
  • NadhiraDurham – Ace of Initiative
  • KemayahPlace – Skills Development
  • Afonso Ponte – Leadership
  • Michael Scott – Ace of Initiative
  • Keion Smith – Ace of Initiative
  • Shartati Smith – Captain’s Honors

Clearwater Middle School

  • Mi’Kenzii Armstrong – Most Improved
  • Michael Darrell – Skills Development
  • Nadia DeSous – Determination
  • Chase Du Bois – Most Improved
  • Ta’rae Ibrahim – Determination
  • J’zhi Minors – Most Improved
  • Amari Place – Skills Development
  • Sean Simmons – Ace of Initiative
  • Ira Thompson – Most Improved
  • Marseille Williams – Leadership

Mount St Agnes Academy

  • Ethan McAlpine – Ace of Initiative
  • Marlee Place – Ace of Initiative
  • Ethan Thompson – Captain’s Honors

Saltus Senior School

  • Ethan Fox – Engineer’s Award
  • Sebastian Grob – Leadership
  • William Hulst – Most Improved
  • Rory Lucas – Most Improved
  • Hamish Morris – Determination
  • Joanna Santiago – Determination
  • Samantha Soares – Leadership