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Spirit of Bermuda is a National Icon, symbolizing our maritime heritage. Sailing aboard Spirit is an experience of a lifetime, and also helps to ensure sustainability of our youth development programme.

Changing Lives, One Voyage at a Time, Over Time

‘Spirit of Bermuda’ is a National Icon which symbolizes our maritime heritage. The sail training vessel’s primary focus is a five-day learning coastal expedition programme for third year Middle School Students. This world class structured curriculum focuses on experiential learning, essential social and emotional skills, social studies and STEAM all imbedded in the cultural and historical significance of Bermuda. ‘Spirit’s’ design is a modern interpretation of the Shamrock class patrol and dispatch vessel, which itself is the product of generations of refinement by Bermudians. They required fast, weatherly, seaworthy craft for transportation around Bermuda, the Mid-Atlantic and Caribbean Islands. By combining the best elements of this traditional design with state-of-the art technology and materials, a globally classed vessel certified by the American Bureau of Shipping, Spirit operates under UKMCA Regulations.

Bermuda Sloop Foundation has created a purpose-built sail training vessel which evokes the seagoing traditions of Bermuda while providing a safe, effective, and comfortable platform for our youth. Follow-up opportunities for students include more advanced local and overseas voyages plus career pathways in maritime and other occupations. We have been operating since 2006.

The Bermuda Sloop Foundation is a not-for-profit, registered Bermuda Charity.

Ship Name: Spirit of Bermuda

National Flag: Bermuda

Home Port: Hamilton, BDA

Sparred length: 35.97 metres

Sail Area: 455.92 square metres

Gross Tonnage: 92.03

Year Launched: 2006

Built: Rockport, ME (USA) Rockport Marine Inc.

Hull Material: Six layers of cold-moulded epoxy laminated wood (five inner layers of 3/8” Douglas fir and one outer layer of 5/8” mahogany) plus 7/8” fiberglass sheathing

Owner: Bermuda Sloop Foundation, P.O. Box HM 2442, Hamilton HM JX, Bermuda 441-737-5667

Website: www.bermudasloop.org

E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Our mission is to change lives, one voyage at a time, over time.


Bermuda Sloop Foundation recognizes that children learn differently, and many of Bermuda’s youths do not acquire information optimally in a traditional classroom setting.

On board our floating classroom, Spirit of Bermuda, we provide character and educational development for Bermuda's youth using the unique attributes of structured experiential learning through sail training (learning by doing). By providing this alternative learning environment, we strive to increase their positive life outcomes, and to create awareness of and pathways to technical, mechanical and marine-related careers for young Bermudians.

Core Beliefs

      • Every child has the potential to blossom and deserves the opportunity to do so, despite their life circumstances.
      • Assisting a student in building resilience increases their chances of becoming productive citizens and the most effective way to impact
      • our youth is to intervene early while they are still impressionable.
      • A significant impact can be made through a combination of core life & education success skills development applied through structured Experiential Learning Models.


The idea of delivering a first class Character Education Programme using a tall ship designed after the schooners that our ancestors built in the 1800's was conceived in 1996. Being sailors themselves, the Founders believed that experiential learning through sail training was one of the best ways to help combat the growing negative social issues that were plaguing our youth. After being built in Rockport, Maine, Spirit of Bermuda sailed into Bermuda for the first time in late 2006 and soon after held its first school voyage with students from the M3 public school level. In 2007, the Foundation was awarded the Sail Training Programme of the Year Award by Tall Ships America. Since then, Spirit of Bermuda has provided life-changing experiences to more than 4,000 young people by way of school voyages, school break voyages and summer overseas voyages. Click here to read more about our Youth Programme...

Fun Facts

        • The Bermuda Sloop Foundation is a Non-for-Profit Organization that develops young people in Bermuda, building their resilience and increasing their long-term chances of success, by providing character and educational development though experiential learning.
        • The Foundation has been changing lives and building character for over 8 years.
        • The Foundation targets 12/14 year olds; dawn of adolescence; the opening years of the tough age range.
        • Over 4,000 young Bermudians impacted by the Spirit of Bermuda program.
        • The Foundation was incorporated in 1998, became a registered charity in 1999, and the Spirit of Bermuda was constructed and sailed into Bermuda in late 2006.
        • Spirit of Bermuda is a global standard regulated ship and remains fully classed to American Bureau of Shipping standards operating to U.K. M.C.A.
        • The Foundation’s youth programme is based on global research around:
            - Structured Experiential Learning Design Principles
            - Sail Training International Model of Youth Development
            - 7-Habits of Highly Effective People

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