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There are many opportunities for "chance of a lifetime" overseas voyages for adults and older children. If you've always dreamed of sailing across an ocean, there is no better or more seaworthy vessel than Spirit of Bermuda. Corporate Team Building, Family Holidays, Parent/child (16+) voyages are wonderful bonding/quality time opportunities.

Safety and fun is our main priority for all onboard and our professional crew will see to all aspects of your time onboard.   Accommodations on SPIRIT are comfortable and highly functional but not luxurious.  ‘Trainee crew’ will have access to all the amenities including, air conditioning, hot water showers, and hot meals.  But this is communal living, which we think is such a major part of the experience.  Working and living with people of all ages and backgrounds, unlikely friendships often form on these voyages. 

Please enquire at our office:  737-5667 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Register for The Marion Overseas Voyage or Antigua Voyage below


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