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Spirit of Bermuda is a National Icon, symbolizing our maritime heritage. Sailing aboard Spirit is an experience of a lifetime, and also helps to ensure sustainability of our youth development programme.

Changing Lives, One Voyage at a Time, Over Time

‘Spirit of Bermuda’ is a National Icon, which symbolizes our maritime heritage. Sailing aboard Spirit is an experience of a lifetime, and also helps to ensure sustainability of our youth development programme. The sail training vessel’s primary focus is a five-day learning coastal expedition for third year Middle School Students. This world class structured curriculum focuses on experiential learning, essential social and emotional skills, social studies and STEAM all imbedded in the cultural and historical significance of Bermuda. ‘Spirit’s’ design is a modern interpretation of the Shamrock class patrol and dispatch vessel, which itself is the product of generations of refinement by Bermudians. They required fast, weatherly, seaworthy craft for transportation around Bermuda, the Mid-Atlantic and Caribbean Islands. By combining the best elements of this traditional design with state-of-the art technology and materials, a globally classed vessel certified by the American Bureau of Shipping, Spirit operates under UKMCA Regulations.

Bermuda Sloop Foundation has created a purpose-built sail training vessel which evokes the seagoing traditions of Bermuda while providing a safe, effective, and comfortable platform for our youth. Follow-up opportunities for students include more advanced local and overseas voyages plus career pathways in maritime and other occupations. We have been operating since 2006.

The Bermuda Sloop Foundation is a not-for-profit, registered Bermuda Charity.


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09 February 2019

Valentine's Sunset Sail

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Bermuda Sloop Foundation regrets to inform you that the Valentine’s Sunset Sail aboard ‘Spirit of

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07 February 2019

Pirates of Bermuda Hostages Seized!


The Pirates of Bermuda have seized hostages!  Now is the time to SINK or SAVE THEM!

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04 April 2018

Pirates of Bermuda 2019

Preston Hutchings

Hostages Siezed!!!

Pirates of Bermuda 2019 is Back!

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This experience has allowed me to see myself as a more independent person who can get things done efficiently. I also see myself as a much stronger person who can listen and pay attention to what adults tell me. I now realize that life is much easier when you cooperate and work as a team. I will apply my new skills into my life when I get back to main land.

When you were about our age, didn't you like hands-on activities rather than sitting in a long tedious classroom? Spirit is very hands-on, just putting up the sails and sailing make us work and learn. Even if you don't know it, Spirit of Bermuda is your second home and school. From the moment you wake up, there's your classroom.

I felt so proud of myself I felt as if I could scream at the top of my lungs! I don’t know why I didn’t do this in the past. Well maybe it’s because I haven’t been on a sailboat before. This tells me that you can do anything if you try it. Sometimes you do well and other times you don’t, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying.

I never thought I would go a whole week without eating junk food. I am very surprised at myself for doing that. I am also proud of putting up with not eating junk food.

A good leader is someone who is respectful. They always set a good example for those who follow. They work hard and they are responsible. Leaders can be any age, any size, any gender.  Leaders do not sit back and watch you work. They work as hard as you are working.

The main sail is the biggest so it took harder work and teamwork. It wouldn’t get done if we didn’t all help. When we are at school there is nothing to work on as a team, but out here on the boat we need to work as a team to get our jobs done.